Smartest Retreat / Poem by Mandour Saleh Hikel

Poem by Mandour Saleh Hikel


Smartest Retreat

She inspired me the power
Among other blessings
To break the wall
Of silence and fear
I dared to say
“I know it is too late
But I love you…
My dear”
She Replied
“Love You…
And I know
It is too late.. But better late than never.”
I felt like dreaming
While my heart beats
Started to flow on a river
A river of love
That keeps our hearts
Beating on each other
I talked and talked and talked
Happily like a child
But it seems I said something wrong
That deeply hurt her pride
She suddenly disappeared
And dropped me
Into the maze of depressing confusion
As if tracing her shadow
Her most beautiful shadow
That revealed our romance
And dressed it…
In a decent emotional rejection
That is how I broke my own heart
With a Slip of my tongue
And muted forever
My last, love heartbeat.

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