My Little ‘Tinker Bell’ / Poem by Pushmaotee Subrun

Poem by Pushmaotee Subrun
My Little ‘Tinker Bell’
My pretty grandchild, my angel of delight,
My light-footed fairy,
Whenever you visited me
I was full of life and cheer and light.
My daily cares took flight.
Your dainty feet moving around,
Whenever I think, thoughts abound,
Of your little hands clasped on your toy,
Lifting me heavenwards with joy,
Your drawings or colourings of little flowers
Sent in me further delight in showers.
But soon, I felt of my moorings bereft
When you left.
For a distant land, beyond the seas,
I shall see you but after months or years,
Grown up into a young school goer,
Braving a different world.
And soon a young teenager.
And I shall not be able to see the gradual changes,
Watch your daily progress, with so much appreciation,
Listening to your prattling words,
Your lisping nursery rhymes, and songs.
My heart ached so much at your departure
I could not shed tears.
The poor heart was heaving
Being deprived of your presence from that evening.
Your dear words ‘love you a lot nani’ rang like a chiming bell,
Sweetest words ever heard from you my pretty angel!
You left a void in my life,
A void where no understanding works.
None of my acquired ‘wisdom’ works,
My prayer heals me but at the end of the day,
The emptiness, the lack of this fairy presence of yours
Leaves me wishing to hold you my angel,
And play with you my ‘Tinker Bell’!
Written in 2015

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