DETYRIM, T’I NDEROJMË DHE TË SHRUAJMË PËR PRINDËRIT TANË… (Rreth librit “Adem Gllavica (Selimi) tregon…”) / Nga: Prof.Murat Gecaj; publicist e studiues

DETYRIM, T’I NDEROJMË DHE TË SHRUAJMË PËR PRINDËRIT TANË…                (Rreth librit  “Adem Gllavica (Selimi) tregon…”)   Nga: Prof.Murat  Gecaj  publicist e studiues     Nga e djathta: B.Selimi e M. Gecaj (Tiranë, 25 shtator 2016)   1. Kur nisa … Continue reading

Gratitude for The Holy See His Holiness, Pope Francis – V A TI C AN / Hysen Ibrahimi : President of SHSHASH






For :          The Holy See                           

                  His Holiness, Pope Francis

                  V  A  T  I  C  A  N



Subject:         Gratitude


Your Holiness, Pope Francis!


September 4, 2016 in St. Peter’s Church, in front of peaceful world, once again, YOU have made us proud as Albanians, especially the Albanian diaspora, that oppression, injustices and conflicts dispersed us around the world, by proclaiming sister and mother of love, Mother Teresa a saint.


Your kind, powerful and so human words will be preserved by future generations.


Your Excellency! The Holy See was the voice of reason, the light of a hope for the Albanian people during Byzantine darkness, during the centuries of Ottoman slavery and the bloody communism period. You have never left us alone, and during the most difficult moments we never felt lonely.


Your Excellency! Our organization proudly bears the name of Your predecessor, Pope Clement XI – Albani, who was of the Albanian origin, from”Laçi i Kurbinit” in Albania.


We came to the north of Europe in different periods, in where we met people with warm hearts, with human feelings who extended us a helping hand, understanding and beaming hospitality, where the Swedish Church contributed as well with the support and generosity of its clergy and believers.


nene Tereza

Mother Teresa


Today, even though we pray the Lord in various forms, such as in the homeland, as well as in diaspora, Albanian Muslims, Catholics and Orthodox, work, create and live in harmony with other people of Sweden and elsewhere.

Your Excellency! Today, in this solemn and important occasion, we want to assure You that in our creativity, with any word, any gesture, do not express impatience, disruption or, God save us, hatred against anyone, not even to those who did us injustice, crimes and pogroms during different periods.


We are proud to be descendants of Constantine the Great, who officially declared Christianity equal religion to others, with St. Jerome, as a scholar and translator of the Bible, with Pope Clement XI – Albani, with George Kastrioti – Skanderbeg, which the Holy See had proclaimed “fighter of Christ” and protector of Christianity, with the Christian missionaries and martyrs in the path of Jesus Christ, but mostly today, with Saint TERESA, that You canonized by raising her work, commitment and love in a higher pedestal.


With faith in God, because we are all his creatures and to whom we shall return, today we express our highest admiration for YOU, for the Holy See and to all the believers and volunteer followers around the world in the service of peace and welfare of all the peoples of the globe.


Therefore, the Association of Writers and Albanian Artists (SHSHASH) “Pope Clement XI Albani”, Sweden, express our wholehearted appreciations for your commitment in proclaiming Mother Teresa a saint (Gonxhe Bojaxhiu).







Respectfully Yours,

Hysen Ibrahimi

President of SHSHASH



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