LIKE A CASKET / Poem by Maria Miraglia


maria miraglia

Poem by Maria Miraglia





Like a casket full of memories
of pages read and forgotten
of strong emotions
tears smiles and immages
of loved ones
I would lightly touch
with the palm of my hand
sunrises and sunsets
smells and sensations
of things gone by
like wilted flowers
freshly picked
fragments of life
ripped from the hands

Vain to look back
to grab the past
that like wind flees
of all that was
nothing remains
only the pain
for the lost things
and the melancholy
for those who have already
crossed the gates of heaven
and of them I ‘d call
cry out their names
make them turn back
for once at least

In the mind’s eyes
their faces
sometimes clear
like immages of a movie
just seen
others veiled
as in the morning
the view outside
when the fog
still envelops
with its milky mantle
the houses and mountains.

Stranger myself
to the child of one time
and the pretty girl
that at a quick pace
walked towards life
and full of hope


@ Maria Miraglia
Oct,7 201



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