Poems by Saraswati Poswal


Poems by Saraswati Poswal






Memorendum to my heart

Beat to love and sleep when got

No space leave on the door

For the suspects to cross

If the suspect crossed

Love shattered with timid thoughts

Do not aggrevate to expectations

To peep into your heart from any hole

The moral of of loving endless singing duclets is not all.

Embracing, listening and speaking are the real acts.

Giving the memorendum to my heart

Do not pour toxins and berate on the everse acts of your beloved.

Whole world is a big arena

Keep your heart filled with ardent feelings

Do not let the stress pass in with fake dribbles from anybodies sight.


@Saraswati Poswal








Words are power

Words are wisdom

Words are rainbow of thoughts

Confedence of ones heart

Gratification and glorification of who live in your heart

Words are honesty

Bleeding stories of your and mine heart.

Words are fearless words are the real swords.

Words are tiny drizzles falling from our known and dears mouth..

Words are catchy or crumbling makes you close or far from ones heart.

Words make you loveable or jealous from the point of others heart

Words are swollen

Words are eaten

Words are ignored in the times of war

Words makes you jealous or doxology

You have to develop this from an art..

Love the loveables

Ignore the harsh words not be spoken from your heart.


@Saraswati Poswal




Saraswati Poswal



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