Poems by Asem Kazem / Translated by Fatima Ahmad Kassab.


Poem by Asem Kazem 



Out And Sufficient In Black


All Voracity

And sometimes without borders,

I prepared the ammunition for your green spica,

for the gardens of your long hair.


And hours..

On my shaky bed

by myself,

and by the same voracity,

I am resigned,

infront of your

heavy twine night.

How many I dont want obsessions,

and how many I want!

I left with her secret,

and I leave the illfated revolution.

I missed a picture,

and I have said that I will take it,

alienation,horse,and the rear terrace.

I enjoyed your sapphire roar,

its the rain to water the asphall,

and its an arfiticailly happiness.

And sometimes..

Its like your warm fragrance.

I barely can choked up by that genius.

I held my last courage

to the death bed,

to the mirror of the night,

and rising every blackness.

You are!

The language of poetry.

Our way is one , but we are far away.



Translated by Fatima Ahmad Kassab



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