Vepër autobiografike – STEFAN CVAJG : “Bota e djeshme – Kujtime të një evropiani” / Përktheu në shqip: Aristidh Ristani

“Bota e djeshme – Kujtime të një evropiani” Vepër autobiografike – STEFAN CVAJG Rritemi të qetë, veçuar e në rehati, por befas rrugëve të botës na lëshojnë; sipër nesh përplasen prore dallgët mizëri, gjithçka na tundon, shumë gjëra na gazmojnë, mjaft … Continue reading

Capt Amarinder lauds Award-Winning Poetess Lily Swarn’s talent

Capt Amarinder lauds Award-Winning Poetess Lily Swarn’s talent
Chandigarh, September 27, 2017: Captain Amarinder Singh has expressed his strong appreciation for the emotional and inspiring work of award-winning poetess Lily Swarn, who presented her collection of poems, `The Trellis of Ecstasy’, to the Chief Minister on Tuesday.
Congratulating the poetess, Captain Amarinder Singh said her beautiful expression of the pathos of human life touched an emotional cord that any person could easily relate to.
The recipient of the coveted Reuel International Prize for Poetry, 2016, as well as several other awards for her scintillating work, Lily is a prolific writer well known for her beautiful renderings of poetry and prose. Her poems have been translated into Italian languages and have been acknowledged by various institutions and organisations around the world.
The Chief Minister said Lily’s poems, which she started writing after she tragically lost her young son to cancer in 2013, seemed to have been drawn from the depth of her emotions, which she had woven intricately into powerful words. Lauding her immense talent, he said women of substance like Lily deserved to win the highest accolades of appreciation.
His government, said Captain Amarinder, was doing its utmost to nurture such talent, which abounded across Punjab.