Poems by Sunita Paul

Poems by Sunita Paul
A Hearty Business Affair
He said,” be the CEO of your heart,
its better late then never to start,
choose right ones to stay inside,
bring alive the emotions which may have died”.
He said,” let go of the wrong ones,
they were there just to make fun”.
But again there arose a confusion
Which made me think that this is not done.
It was that the three wrong choices a CEO makes,
Of every decision he takes,
Will lead him to lose his seat,
This is a rule which is clear and neat.
I suggested him,”be the Chairman of your heart,
so that none can throw you apart,
your life,your rules, your choices,
give none the power to make noises,
be it a right one or a wrong
just care a damm,only be strong.
only listen to what your heart says
and I’m sure you win the life’s love race”.
You and me
Beauty shines
Even in darkness
Darkness bright
When you are near
I am your shelter
When it is raining
And dry your eyes
If you would cry
I’ m by your side
When you are happy
And even more
When you feel sad
I know you are near,
So I needn’t fear.
When it rains,
Your loving shelter protects me from all pains,
I try to hide my tears in smiles,
With you darling I can cross many more miles.
Your love makes my beauty shine,
Even when times are dark,you make me feel fine.
Time Changer Of Season
Yes time changes with the season,
Does not need any reason.
Some times happy and gay,
Some sunny days,
Some may bring you pain,
Days filled with dark clouds and rain.
But whatever time it may be,
Just set your mind free.
Only move forward with the flow,
Bad and good times come and go.

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