Blessings from Stone / Poem by Tahera Mannan

Poem by Tahera Mannan


Blessings from Stone

“I heard an angel speak last night and he said “write”
I looked around and a little face beamed with delight
Reclining amid thorns
Ivy his body adorns
A tiny candle burned below
Wind whistle thru the willow
And from every rock and every stone
Came the most heavenly tone
So untouched and cold
A beauty to behold
He seemed to look towards the sky
Or was it a passing butterfly
And as my pen flew all night
He slept under the moonlight
And as the day broke over the spire
He stooped and plucked a flowery attire
Kissed the head of this lonely bard
A stone again for all who passed

@copyright Tahera Mannan

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