Poezi nga Erjon Muça

Poezi nga Erjon Muça   Njerëzit Apo Idhujt? Pro-etikë Kjo botë njerëzore! E çuditëshme, e pavëzhgueshme edhe në dritën e diellit. Botë tekanjoze, në mizorinë e vet… Ndaj jam mëse i bindur se nuk duhet kurrësesi që njeriu të krijojë … Continue reading

Red death’s shadow don’t take away my soul / Poem by Diana Skrapari

Poem by Diana Skrapari
Red death’s shadow don’t take away my soul
I ask God to feel,
And He gave me a heart,
I asked God to breathe,
And He gave me the lungs and a nose,
I asked God to listen,
And He gave me the free will,
I asked to be free like the air,
And He gave me wings,
But the sky has darkened,
The day when the red death arose,
She took everything from me,
Chained my hands,
And made my soul prisoner,
Blinded people,
By giving them cruelty,
The red death died one day,
But her shadow flanks again,
In the dark heads,
Wanting to destroy the most precious treasure,
We hold in our interior,
That is called our soul …

Vandita Dharni

Vandita Dharni   Vandita Dharni hails from an eminent family of educationists. She secured a position of merit from the University of Allahabad while doing her Post Graduation in English. Thereafter, she obtained a doctorate degree in Literature. She has … Continue reading