Wedding or funeral? / Poem by Olfa Philo

Poem by Olfa Philo


Wedding or funeral?

prior to the ceremony,
the invitations were sent to guests…
after the Turkish bath
& the beautician,
the bride was shrouded in
a white winding sheet /dress then placed in a coffin
to be carried by pallbearers to her grave/groom,
her last repose…

the cortège was spectacular
her marriage/ death was longed for
by many enviers, evildoers & witches…
when she reached the funeral home,
the party had already started…
musicians were celebrating/mourning the bride’s death
some dressed in white…
others in black …
after singin’…
& jokin’ …
after enjoyin’ the wake,
after the long eulogy,
the bride was laid to rest…

on her tombstone, they wrote this epitaph:
“the lady slain by her own beauty:
a death potion parading as a gift…”

Olfa Philo


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