Vandita Dharni

Vandita Dharni
Vandita Dharni hails from an eminent family of educationists. She secured a position of merit from the University of Allahabad while doing her Post Graduation in English. Thereafter, she obtained a doctorate degree in Literature. She has submitted articles, poems and short stories that have been published in National and International journals like the Criterion, Ruminations, GNOSIS and international magazines like Immagine and Poessia, Synchronised Chaos and Guido Gozzano. Her poem, The Endangered Tiger was given an honourable mention too this year in the Guido Gozzano. Her first independent anthology, Quintessential Outpourings was published in 2016 by Notion Press.
A Tribute to a Mother
Her warmth permeated my life,
effusive in its very essence.
Radiantly divine was her gentle voice,
which echoed a melodiously mystic cadence
that sublimely overpowered me.
Mellifluous as the twittering mynah,
her haunting voice seemed to reverberate,
the portals of my aching heart.
Glistening blissfully in the scorching sun,
were the black cascading tresses.
T’was so ethereal that heaven,
bent low humbly to feel its caresses.
An aching joy uplifted my spirits,
or was it just a dream?
The pale glow of the moonlight,
mildly dimmed my euphoria.
An acrid smell of herbs,
cleaved to my being,
an incense burned low,
with an incandescent flame glowing.
In the mist of the midnight air,
there emerged the brightest moonbeam,
which peered through the casement
and enveloped me in her soft embrace.
A thought strayed through the
gloomy recesses of my mind,
tiresome echoes of the pallid truth,
that my heart hiccoughed out.
Eventually, I surrendered,
to the inevitable, the inexorable pain;
the anguish, the suffering ,of
losing my selfless companion, my mother.
July Rain
Lazily does the pallid blue ocean lie,
reflecting the luminous rays,
of the sun glistening in the blue sky.
The sun flecked meadow adorns itself,
with the radiance of its light.
The birds awaken to a new dawn.
They flutter their wings merrily in flight,
while the flowers sway in delight.
I can hear the blissful sea gulls at hand,
as they swoop down low, flying gracefully.
I feel the caress of the soft sand,
that is covered with footprints dry,
a pleasant morning in July.
The moaning of the wind makes
the rhythmic dance of the waves unruly.
I seem to enjoy this truly.
The leaves of the trees look fresh and green,
patiently waiting to receive celestial blessings.
There is yet a cloud that goes unseen,
a flash of lightning sets the sky ablaze.
The pallid sky becomes the haven,
of nimbus clouds and peals of thunder.
Fresh drops of rain patter at seven.
My heart leaps joyfully and my senses awaken.
A Song of Hope
Do not mourn for me,
I have gone to a better place,
where the grass is so green
and there is no worldly race.
I am at rest,
I have attained peace-
the eternal peace.
I now rest at ease!
I have no cares,
the shackles are broken.
There are no fears
just as the Lord had spoken.
My pain is gone,
the wounds are healed.
I feel unburdened,
as it was in the scripture revealed.
The tasks are over and done,
every hurdle’s been crossed in sight.
My battle’s been won,
I have fought a good fight.
The Lord welcomed me
to His majestic Kingdom,
which now and forever will be,
my everlasting home!
Copyright@ Vandita Dharni. All Rights Reserved 2018.

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