Poem by Asha Kiran Sharma

Poem by Asha Kiran Sharma



You are my love.

You are my life.

You are my world.

You are one whom,

I like the most.

You are my hope.

You are my spirit.

Always in my thoughts.

Are you , or not !!!!.


All is love

Can’t explain in words …
Can’t be separated in jokes .
How much I love you …
No evidence to show off.
Only feelings can show …
Its a meeting of lovers.
Like sky and earth …
Sun with light , cool like moon.
Clouds and rain …
Season like spring.
Colours like rainbow…
Thunders and storms.
Its like melting snow…
Flow … flow and flow.
Its flames are like fire…
Goes so higher.
My love is a burning love…
If you really want to make,
Me Silent and frozen.
Through me into Icy Ocean…
If you won’t adjust me.
Into your life , it hurts me…
Because it mattered a lot to me.
My love is simple , mute …
Passionate and peaceful.
We are within us …
Two bodies One Soul,
You and me that’s all.

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