Symphony / Poem by Lily Swarn

Poem by Lily Swarn
A perfectly formed tendril
of pale lemony green
Reaching out to the infinite
in shoots of tender love
Beckoning into its soft downy arms
Fragrant breezes from the hills
Laden with sweet salvia
Pregnant with daffodils
Nodding at fronds of silvery ferns
Hiding beneath the gnarled oak tree
Moss smothered
Ivy cloaked
Tree trunks of ancient vintage
Glens of gregarious green
Canopying cinerarias
Candy tufts struggling to reach sunshine
Nature’s bounty overflowing
With giddy butterflies
Drunk on sweet nectar
Bumble bees flirting with every bright flower
Harmonious orchestra of heavenly symphonies
Gliding on kayaks across White foamed rivers
Proclaiming divinity in each curled up bud .
Copyright Lily Swarn 3.2.2018

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