Poems by Tulsi Shrestha 

Poems by Tulsi Shrestha 



When you are quite alone with me
Your beauty intoxicates me like wine
My heart beats accelerate its beats
To reach the destination, it feels.

You are drenched with scarlet wine
I need to drink it, through thirsty eyes
As a connoisseur of unfathomable beauty
I will taste your flavour, a whole night.

If you were a bottle of sweet red wine
I will search a meaning of life in you
An ever lasting journey of hidden treasure
That I start along with your venture.

A sip of your lustful sweet lips
So stronger than that of red wine
Your beauty shower me with wine
To rhyme your heart beats with mine.

Each blink of your lusavious eyes
Will pour a sweet glass of wine
Let you dance like bubble wine
To intoxicate me through scarlet wine.

Enchanting beauty resides in you
Lights the fire of love inside me
Our bodies do have their own language
To extinguish the fire of our passion.



I drink wine of my own tears
My faith cries in deep despair.

My aching heart spells still your name
The cliffs around me echoes your fame.

I shower with pains and griefs
All that I do, it’s for mental reliefs.

Oh my love ! how I can live without you
My eyes don’t see now, rainbow hues.

I have really lost ,my own lovely smile
So I can not get, pleasure for a while .

Passionate nights turned fearful flights
Melancholy solitude kissed silence’s right

My dreams revolve beauty around you
May I leave this sad world, to join you.