Poems by Uzma Parveen

Poems by Uzma Parveen
They think easily she can fall
in the way of progress is a wall
and is made always to fear
and unnecessarily she sheds tear
They think her place is low down
never she can wear the crown
and is supposed to be near the hearth
and often they curse her birth
If they are responsible for feeding
She is the cause of generation increasing
for the equality she sighs
and for the opportunities she is deprived
And a desire to be free from this chains
pushed women to lead a movement.
And when I find myself alone
away from the thread which binds all in one
Is it fine remaining separate?
or really I am at mistake
in the ocean of wonder diving deep
I scratch my wound in hope of relief
With whom I was proud
I am parted now
destroyed is my home
I am feeling so alone
the cruel ruler autumn
has hollowed me from bottom
unknown places haunt me
every step towards me
frightens and I shiver
should I cry or laugh at me
I will break easily, I fear
O wind! have mercy on this dry leaf
I have become so vulnerable and weak.
@Uzma Parveen

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