Unsung Song / Poem by Jenayah Hela Tekali

Poem by Jenayah Hela Tekali
Unsung Song
My soul is a song left unsung
To meet with kisses, my heart, its very lung
Sweet are the lips that suck my emotion
Hovering to mingle with the rhapsody of its sensation
Exchanging every single note with a tone of bliss
Embodying the fading body with a flute to find within its peace
Songs mingle souls with that silence divine
Though the song is left unsung , it clings to His very shrine
When lovers’s lips and eyes meet with the stream down their breast
Waves of ecstasy swept by, to ensure their souls to rest
By Songs we may communicate to the heart the language of silence
We talk with him, as face to face , we feel his presence
The Self becomes our friend though distance far ,has removed us apart
Through the unsung song , we do whisper to our heart
A love sang by lands and seas,
heard by mountains and hills, felt as kind of extasies
A departure and a suspension of the souls to enjoy intimacy , communicate their unsung songs through the house of the bodies.
Copyright 05/06/18

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