Shtëpia Botuese ” MILOSAO” publikon librin me studime” IDENTITETI ISO-POLIFONIK” të autorit Timo Mërkuri

Shtëpia Botuese ” MILOSAO” publikon librin me studime” IDENTITETI ISO-POLIFONIK” të autorit Timo Mërkuri Autori: TIMO MËRKURI Titulli: IDENTITETI ISO-POLIFONIK Redaktor: PAJTIM ÇAUSHI Formulimi grafik: Studio Grafike Milosao Copyright  Timo Mërkuri ISBN 978-9928-225-43-6 SHTYPUR NË SHTYPSHKRONJËN “MILOSAO” 2018 Rruga … Continue reading

Poezi nga Ndue Marku

Poezi nga Ndue Marku   UNË DHE TI, QENI IM . Unë dhe ti,qeni im, Unë dhe ti…të paqethur,të braktisur, Endackë ndër rrugica. Vetmuar të dy,qeni im. . S’kemi bojë, As shtetësi, S’kemi pasuri,qeni im Rropatemi…kot ashtu…tutje-tëhu Qeni im,miku im,vëllai … Continue reading

Poems by  Tulsi Shrestha 

Poems by  Tulsi Shrestha 


Attempt To Invade Reality Zone

An eminent poet with creativity gifted by Almighty
Dared to intend and invade solid zone of reality .
River of fact and imagery flowed from his brain stream
Mingled in confluence of heart to ensure his sweet dream .

With light emitted from prism of his poems
He painted universe with rainbow -beams .
Clapping of fans, provoked vanity inside him
Auditorium echoed with poems of his rhyme.

He stretched his arm to embrace horizon
He extended his height to replace Sun in heaven
To break the record of his own excellence
His imagination invaded zone of reality -persistence

Indeed he was majesty of magical world of literature.
Art of articulation established a new sycophancy culture .
On the blade of slackline walk, when he missed balance
Suddenly he woke from his dream, to feel turbulence.

His honour and greatness evaporated in Sun light
His idealogy and courage limited within imagery flights
Neither royalty of his book nor bundle of appreciations
Wiped out poverty and fulfilled his minimum expectation .

Oasis turned out source of mirage , of course for him as code
Floating clouds with him ; denied to carry weight of his load .
His attempts to invade reality zone ,reminded him who he was
A particle of dust, a wallet without a penny, how great he was.

How foolish to compare himself with limitless universe
Hence he reduced two lines of last stanza; of course .



While I am walking proudly on the road .
A mad grabbed my neck from behind
Enquired me with bloody red eyes.
Who are you to create the truth. …?
That too is for your own benefit .

“Run away oh mad , I will hit…”
I threatened him with a shout
He laughed aloud and asked
“Who is mad you or me….?”
“Stand before mirror, ask to yourself ”
Flavour of flesh of innocent animals
That you enjoy in name of sacrifice.
Killing His own creations to please Him
Aren’t you superior to God himself …?
Your society retains power
To burn alive bride with dead husband .
Have you ever noticed yet, cruel crocodile …
Killing and eating its own generation.
Oh what a sound mind , you all do have !
Killing millions of your own dynasty in name of
Religion and race, nationality and sovereignty .
Don’t ,you feel any shame. ..yet……?
To rationalise crime against humanity
With interpretation of your cruel logic .
Still, you dare to call me Insane…..
I am human with alive volcano
Boiling lava inside me… going to
Explode over all of you…..”
He cried aloud ha ha ha…
I felt the sky cracked with his laugh
Now it is my turn to run away from his grip.

What an encounter with a mad !
I enquired with myself. .who is mad he or me ?
One who manipulates morality for one’s benefit or
One who explodes philosophy in unconscious state.



Believe me ! I lost entity of my own shadow
When I followed shadows of so – called greats .

Sometimes Nietzsche ruled my fresh mind
Sometime Jesus appeared to rectify them.

I intend to perceive myself as Buddha
But my behaviour favoured Hitler then.

Do their souls embody inside me ?
Or my own soul is dead alive then

I gaze at my own plain mirror
I can’t find reflection of mine.

I’m searching myself inside me
But not capable to find out yet.

Shall I manage for meditation
Or need to seek for revolution.

I need to visualise myself inside me
To establish myself as an unique me.

I need to preserve my fresh image
To ensure my own precious identity.