Poems by Saraswati Poswal

Poems by Saraswati Poswal



They are real heros
They share and serve life, nature and soul.
They show the path of humanity with humility.
They raise of equality and liberty.
They serve words for the betterment of world.
They want peace all around the world.
Someone has very well said,
If you can not be poet or write poem.
You can be poem for some poet..to be remembered forever..!!



I felt the air present in every fleck
His flute made beautiful musical notes.
When the air paas through the holes of flute.
His heart made a surplus notes paasing
And made a musical surroundings.
Every particle collied with action of air.
Which made a music flair.
Sun listening sweet music do not want to disappear.
Stood in silence and want to hear.

Sky can hear the notes of our heart
With voice we whisper
Air blends all souls.

Air dissolved creates music in waves.
Sea sits calm and air makes tickle around and the waves moves ups and downs.

Trees can feel the cuddle of air
All specks and branches move and makes musical notes everywhere.

I can see the clouds moving far and behind
With push and pulls of air we can hear the hisha husha any time.

Air takes space every where makes us breath and every tiny particle to live and hear.

The criss cross moments and huzzle buzzle drizzles the showers sometimes dries the lands and music surround.

Every move of air make cuddling every big and tiny speck here and their.
Can hear the echo of his music every where because of air.


Life has a zigzag paths

Courage is the ladder or bridge
Where all the virtues mount
Yesterday is past
Tomorrow is future
Today is present
It is gift
Which we receive
After the rise of sun
Make is precious
With all your joyful acts.

Sending very good morning to all my dear sweet friends all around the world and the globe..!!

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