Poems by Varsha Saran

Poems by Varsha Saran
Seprate lives
Separate lives we are!!
Like the two separated banks of this river
Still looking to each other
With much passion
Yearning to meet once again
But due to our ego
That is so deep and caused for
Our love decline,
Banks of our false individuality
Crushed our tender feelings
I know….
I know….
Still we want to touch each other
With that sacred emotions
Still we want to hold our hands
With numerous questions in our minds
Still you love me !!
That is visible
And crystal clear in your eyes
We know we are like the banks of that river
That was once united
Before this deep river of our ‘self’
Departed us…
As two unaqinted ways of life
That are looking to each other
With the hidden regret for missing our love
And select the separated lives!!
Once in a lifetime
Once in a lifetime
I only want to meet the scriptwriter of my life
How he had set everything accordingly!!
How I met people !
How I met my partner and relatives!
All was preplanned
Whenever I cried a lot
And shook him vigorously
And communicated with that writer
He gave me a good news
Like a gift to a kid
And my smile came back
Whenever I was very happy
And think , that all is the result of my hard work
He had broken my myth
By telling….
That you are only performer
That act according to the director or story writer
Nothing else
Only Karmas!!
But What I achieved that was your
What I performed badly
It was my error
Debt of clay
Every day I scribble something
Everyday I think something deeply
Look!These mango trees
Laden with blossom
Cukko bird is singing it’s melodious songs on the branches of mango trees and informing us about the coming of the spring season,
On the other hand , yellow Neem leaves are departing from its branches, with the sudden gust of wind
I am standing on the dry leaves that will transformed in the manure one day!!
And vanished in the clay of life after few days
This clay is everything
Origin and the end of life
We born on it and rest of life it remains under our feet,
We get our eatables from this
This clay is the witness of thousands years old cultures and civilizations
Valuable clay but how’ down to earth’
One day we will be a part of it
But How many like the gust of wind with clay and dust!!
We are ignoring our birth place, our realities by ignoring our values and accepting artificiality,
One day will come , when this nature will give us powerful slap
Think what will happen then!!
Poem in Hindi(Debt of clay…मिट्टी का कर्ज)
आम के पेड़ों पर बौरें लद चुकी हैं
रोज कोयल कू कू की मधुरिम गीत सुनाती है
इनकी डालियों पर बैठ कर,शायद
मुझे बुलाती है
की कुछ दिनों की ही बात है
फिर पके मीठे आम से जिह्वा हर्षायेगी
नीम के पीले पत्ते झर झर कर झरते जाते हैं
और नई आयी कोंपलों का राग सुनाते है
कोई आएगा
कोई जाएगा
यूँ ही वक़्त गुजरता जाएगा
कुछ मिट्टी में मिल जाएंगे
कुछ नए खट्टे मीठे
और कुछ पके फल
उपयोग में आजायेंगे
पर अंततः मिट्टी की ही शरण में आ जाएंगे
ये मिट्टी बहुत मूल्यवान है
किस्म किस्म की होती है
अपने अंदर इतिहास , भूगोल और विज्ञान समेटे
लोगों के पैरों तले ही रहती है
सबके पेट भरती है
सबमें जीवन , जीव पनपता है
सूक्ष्म से लेकर स्थूल तक
किन्तु मानव ही इससे दूर होता जा रहा है
रहता है प्रकृति के बनाये तत्वों से बने मकानों में
सुविधा सम्पन्न और भौतिकता से लबरेज़
लेकिन भाग रहा है
अपनी मिट्टी से दूर
मिट्टी से मिला भोजन, वस्त्र और मकान
और मिट्टी से ही अपरिचित होने का ये
मजाकिया नाटक
सूट बूट , विभिन्न गैजेट्स से युक्त
एक दिन फिर आएगा इसकी गोद में
फिर खेलेगा इसका बचपन इसकी खुश्बू में
एक दिन आएगा….
जब आधुकनिकता फिर अपनाएगी
पेड़ों की छाँव को
और खेत खलिहानों की आवाज़ को!!
Varsha Saran@(c)

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