Luz María López, si frymë angazhimi në universalitetin mendim dhe simbolikë e thellë e kuptimit metafizik / Nga: Agron Shele

Luz María López (Porto Riko) Poete, redaktore, përkthyese, promovuese kulturore ndërkombëtare dhe avokate e të drejtave të grave. Drejtore Kontinentale – CED në Festivalin Botëror të Poezisë (WFP) dhe në Frontin Botëror Poetik për Mbrojtjen e të Drejtave të Grave … Continue reading

MISSING YOU (GEMIS) / Poem by Hannie Rouweler

Poem by Hannie Rouweler
Missing you is like an empty street
where all sounds have died
with the night. No more stars
in the sky, raindrops
from a late shower
lying on the foliage
of the tree standing motionless in front of my window.
Missing you is as if you never existed,
you never have taken me to enchanting
places that you chose only for me. For us.
As if our hands never found each other
at unexpected moments, a laugh, a tear.
Our words never have gone the same way
to the mountains, the sea, the country in which we lived.
Missing you is as if the days slipped through my fingers
without any sense of happiness, bliss all about
the smallest things. As if I myself no longer was there,
nothing could touch me in the most beautiful songs
about love. As if I were dreaming and was sleep-
walking in my own house and thoughtlessly in your
absence closed all doors. For whom I loved dearly.
Jou missen is als een lege straat
waar alle geluiden zijn verstorven
met de nacht. Geen sterren meer
die aan de hemel staan, druppels
van een late regenbui
die zijn blijven liggen op bladerdek
van de boom die roerloos voor mijn raam staat.
Jou missen is alsof je nooit hebt bestaan,
je me nooit hebt meegenomen naar die betoverende
plekken, die je uitkoos alleen voor mij. Voor ons.
Alsof onze handen elkaar nooit hebben gevonden
op onverwacht momenten, een lach, een traan.
Onze woorden nooit dezelfde weg zijn gegaan
naar de bergen, zee, het land waarin wij woonden.
Jou missen is alsof de dagen door mijn vingers gleden
zonder enig besef van geluk, gelukzaligheid rondom
de kleinste dingen. Alsof ik zelf niet meer bestond,
niets mij nog kon beroeren in de mooiste liederen
die over liefde gaan. Alsof ik droomde en liep te slaap-
wandelen in mijn eigen huis en gedachteloos in jouw
afwezigheid alle deuren sloot. Voor wie ik innig liefhad.

Poems by Mónika Tóth

Poems by Mónika Tóth
You are my skin
You are my breathe
I adore you
so many tears…
so many tears
leading to this beautiful
October morning
I am cold.
Cold from the inside, out.
My hands are cold,
my feet are cold,
my legs are cold,
my breasts are cold,
my nose, my lips, my toes,
my ankles….
dedicated my friend Gheorghe
you left me
I am sad-
cat sleeps near my feet
I don’t know
I don’t know..
I don’t know why
My heart is beating
I don’t know why
Why am I sad inside
I don’t know why.
Life so empty and cold
I don’t know why
My best friend
You are my best friend
I love you so much
Dedicated my nice Romanian friend Vasile
Roses are red.
Violets are blue.
in your eyes
I lost myself….
No words .

Derelict Clouds / Poem by Dr. Ranjana Sharan Sinha

Poem by Dr. Ranjana Sharan Sinha
Derelict Clouds
Night with the silver moon,
Languor upon the hearts,
Whispers of romance in the air!
Breaking away from all the
Shackles and bondages,
You and l — oenophiles
Together with wine –‘the bottled poetry’,
Catching phosphorescence;
Past and present merging into a dream
Resonant with passion,
Future a far-off phenomenon;
Moon…the white glowing moon!
You look at me with the wine glass,
I melt in your familiar clasp:
Love growing and deepening with each drop
Before we, into the ‘Dust descend’!
Intoxicated under black-blue firmament,
Smile creeping on my face,
I lift my eyes to the sky– Alas!
Lonesome clouds vagabonding about
The empyrean sphere like homeless children–
Helpless, hungry, weary: the derelicts!
I think about the plight of destitude children:
Pink passion of love fades,
And falls to the ground like discoloured
Shrivelled petals of rose!
Sad to the core, I blink back my tears!
Copyright Dr. Ranjana Sharan Sinha

Poems by Ashok Kumar

Poems by Ashok Kumar



Ignorance ,dark shade of life
Faced by us without light
Impact of materialistic brightness 
Bring stress ,struggle ,tears of life

Flood of greed choked that river
Where we go deep find more
Yearn for connection with God
Remove dark clouds of ignorance

Temple of soul shine when
We stand in the light
The light we get make life worth
What I love want share to the world

When did we loss ignorance
Was it that day we find temple shone
I’m not alone ,all are with me
Full of peace ,full of zeal for world’s heal



When all people can win
Prayers would recite by all lips
Then all diminishes sin
When all flowers dance
All get their chance
And the holy tears will smile
Voices eager to fly
When the houses lit with light
Then battle would not be fight
When eminent amiable come
Then peace will be here
And war would run
When marvellous come forward
Then peace will be all around
All know ,come empty handed
Why forget devine light
And busy in fight
Kissed that angel come for nobility