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Een virtuele presentatie van een groepsdichtbundel / By Hannie Rouweler

Een virtuele presentatie van een groepsdichtbundel
By Hannie Rouweler
We willen een presentatie houden maar hebben geen geld.
Via messenger Faceboek hebben Geert Zomer en Hannie Rouweler getracht iets te organiseren. Het gaat echt niet, liet Hannie weten, we hebben geen geld om alle reiskosten te betalen van de dichters, en een honorarium voor voordracht, hotelkosten, al helemaal niet.
Geert liet weten dat het te duur wordt om iets te organiseren.
Hannie liet vervolgens weten dat ook niet iedere dichter gratis een bundel kan krijgen. We hebben geen geld en daarom doen we het zo!! VIRTUEEL.
(vert. in het Engels: HR)
A virtual presentation of a group poetry collection
We like to organize a book presentation, but have no money. Geert Zomer and Hannie Rouweler have tried via messenger Faceboek to organize something, today. It really doesn’t work, Hannie said, we have no money to pay all the travel costs of the poets, and a fee for their performances, hotel costs, certainly not. Geert said that it would be too expensive to organize something. Hannie then said that even not each poet could get, for free, a poetry book. We have no money and that’s why we do it this way !! Virtual.
(translations Dutch into English: HR)
Stemmen van de Laaglanden
Voices from the Lowlands
Demer Press
6 Nachtzweet
7 Night sweat
woke up again soaked
though you’d let half out
because sleeping naked is not for you
and of your dreams you even
forget the shreds: you wake up
like a blank sheet
something is happening
but you can’t guess what
it doesn’t bother you much,
well, your sweetheart: she must put
more in the washing bin//
10 Al-Nakba – De Ramp
11 Al-Nakba – The Disaster
12 Mariagemateriaal
13 Marriage material
In my unfertilized thought
we return with just our house key
in the pocket exactly as we had left
returning was a never died wish
Hear the melancholy
in the echo of my crying
that echoes in the valley
where the morning sun is a witness //
14 De kooivogel
15 The cage bird
16 Transitie
17 Transition
The cage bird is made of air.
It has no obligation to remain silent.
Its body is stripped of any illusion.
It cries out for freedom and revolution.
It becomes a poet and de-cages.//
18 Mijn Zen TV
19 My Zen TV
20 Opnieuw de tuin van mijn vader
21 Again my father’s garden
I drink a sip of water that is on the table, open
the book, with almost every wave to my feet I look up, seeing
how everything fills in. The day, the hour, the story, images.
Polynesia (πολυ = many, νησος = island, so many islands) is one of the three large
groups of islands in the Pacific that make up Oceania alongside Melanesia and
Micronesia. Roughly it forms a triangle with New Zealand, Hawaii and Easter Island
as corner points. The total land area is around 294,000 km² on a water surface of more
than 50 million km².
In total there are more than 1000 islands that belong to Polynesia.
22 Augustusmoment
23 August moment
24 Kruisverstuiving
25 Cross-spray
Summer will soon be tired
she will cry in an autumn shower.
And I feel the heartbeat
softly in your sleep
your hand as slanting light
sliding down my leg.//
26 Zomerse dag
27 Summer’s day
28 Ont-tooien
29 De-decorate
the languid afternoon sun smells
to satisfaction and arranges
wild purple chicory and hay
like a soft boar’s nest
the sinking red evening glow looks back
with pleasure to a summer’s day
filled with sunshine and love
heartfelt warmth between you and me//
(translated by MG)
30 En dat ik je liefheb
31 And that I love you
32 Honey, don’t break my heart
33 Honey, don’t break my heart
Honey, don’t break my heart,
when we are never found. When my dreams are not my dreams,
my life is not my life, both inside and outside of my pain. When my sentences reveal their mysteries, our masterpiece never will be written. When you ride through red, follow the blue, take the valley, defy the mountains. When your hand points to a horizon, somewhere far away from where the dream god lives in a dream land, a prince gives his white horse the spurs and poems fall apart in letters, where we ever originated from
34 Provence
35 Provence
36 De Noordzee
37 The North Sea
Your Mont Ventoux stands out from the rest
and is a rough and capricious child
sucked to the wind.
In the valley by grace of summer screams
the crickets in constantly ascending prayer.
And whether there is sufficient attention for the sad
fate of olive trees that give up
the weight of their arms?
Equally, it’s wrong misjudging
regional wine.
Rising temperatures turn
blindly lavender promenades into purple.//
38 Schrikbeeld
39 Frightening image
40 Toevlucht
41 Refuge
big as beets, ensiled in our chest.
I try to go into your golden ratio and yet
I’m not able to break the limits, you stay
a foreign country and I am just a visitor.
you are the most delicious disease of which
I never healed, I your most brilliant sommelier.
the turbulent water within is getting quiet,
we over-sleep death like two non-people.
End of the virtual book presentation