How Do We Live / Poem by Linda B. Scanlan

Poem by Linda B. Scanlan


How Do We Live

How do we sleep
In our comfortable beds
When this catastrophe exists in the world

We are bad at humaning

How is it that
They plan the next trip to Disneyland
The happiest place on earth
When this child sleeps abandoned
By his parents’ deaths
Who comforts him
Who rocks him
He cares not for amusement rides
He aches for a ride on daddy’s knee

We are failing as humanity

How do we eat our fill
Yet hunger like gluttons for more
When this boy
Asleep on hard ground
An empty belly
Reminding him that tomorrow brings a new day of starving

We ignore vulnerable children

Watch it go down the drain
With nary a thought about waste
This child’s throat so parched
Only salty tears to quench it

This is a human travesty
These children belong to all of us
We callously ignore them
At our peril
Justification will fall on deaf ears ……..

Linda B. Scanlan, 2019©

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