Poezi nga Leonora Loka

Poezi nga Leonora Loka   Prishtinës Rrugët i përdridhen si gjarpinjtë Me erën pelerinë mbi krahë Përpihet mbështjellë nga pluhuri Si me parfum parisian Me zjarr çobanësh ndezur Tek kërkojnë natën gjënë e humbur Përgjon Dashuritë që lindin strehëve Dhe … Continue reading

Shtëpia Botuese “ADA” publikon novelën “Kalvari i dhimbjes” të autores Floresha Zyberi (Qyra)

Shtëpia Botuese “ADA” publikon novelën “Kalvari i dhimbjes” të autores Floresha Zyberi (Qyra) Titulli: Kalvari i dhimbjes Autore: Floresha Zyberi (Qyra) Redaktor letrar: Eris Rusi ISBN: 978-9928-296-24-5 Përgatiti për botim: Roland LUSHI Shtëpia Botuese “ADA” Adresa: Rr. Mihal Grameno Pall.32 … Continue reading

Shtëpia Botuese ” ADA” publikon vëllimin poetik “FLUTURAT E SHPIRTIT” të autores Mariolla Kostandini

Shtëpia Botuese ” ADA” publikon vëllimin poetik “FLUTURAT E SHPIRTIT” të autores Mariolla Kostandini Titulli: FLUTURAT E SHPIRTIT Autore: Mariolla Kostandini Redaktor letrar: Eris Rusi ISBN: 978-9928-296-16-0 Përgatiti për botim: Roland Lushi © Të gjitha të drejtat janë të autores Tirazhi: … Continue reading

Poems by Tulsi Shrestha 

Poems by Tulsi Shrestha 



I have a tender heart that really beats
But no one is there to listen its beats
My lungs inhale and exhale a breath of love
I am a beautiful girl in a desolate street.

I have a pair of strong wings that can fly
But there is no wind to ensure its flight
I desire to travel the horizon above me
I am a flower that is not meant for fade.

Tears constantly flow from my eyes
Believe me,these tears are frozen now
As there is no one to wipe them out
No prince is here, to dream me as dream girl.

I am beautiful as dew drenched red rose
But still alone, without passionate pair
Should I die , without a taste of sweet love
I have ability to smell the fragrance of love.

Why do circumstances never favour me ?
Oh God ! do I need to bribe my own faith
How fearful the world is, really for me
Still I hope, someone will come to hold my hand.



Every moment is rehearsal of Emperor’s new clothes
You are no doubt familiar with the naked truth
But you paint the truth with your own brush
All those who nourish your ego,are okay for you 
You are expert to lie them , for your prejudice hue.

You manipulate events with your own view
So truth turns shadow for others to review
You are not bold enough as innocent child
To face the consequence of speaking truth
Hypocritical intelligence turns drama to view .

What inhibits you from speaking truth
Weighing amount of benefit, in your share
Digging ground for someone’s grave
Might turn a solid place for your own grave
Why don’t you relate morality with truth ?

False -Appraisal, a source of mutual gain
An immoral spirit to bathe you with rain
Might turn “Nudity Show” in mass procession
Like dramatic display of” Emperor’s new clothes ”
Never ensure benefit against your inner conscience
Avoid prejudice and greed to restore courage
To claim the truth aloud like an innocent child…



I want to evacuate debris inside me
Through sublimation of inner conscience.
I need to ensure a spirit, an essence of life
To replace smoking of black clouds
With inhale of fragrance of nectar.
Watch exhale and inhale of life force
As breath of your inner conscience.
Feel each impulse of your heart beats.
Deprive of yourself from external world.
Evacuate any source of thoughts
Neither joy nor pain as a chain of mind
Just watch events without any response.
With absolute state of emptiness.
Fusion of confronting rival -forces
Unconsciousness and consciousness.
A Spiritual State of Negation
To perceive self victory over own ego
To feed the seed of contentment
As a path of Enlightenment….

Poezi nga Petraq Risto

Poezi nga Petraq Risto   Somnambul Çdo mesnatë qyteti lëngues mban në kurriz mollën kafkiane të Zamzës Mbi të mrekullisht ecën një somnambul. Engjëll dhe demon pa veshje perëndish Duket në një kullë sahati, merr akrepin bën duel me Hronosin … Continue reading