The Eyes of Heaven ( Part 86 – 87) / Poems by Lomas Kumar Bhatt 

Poems by Lomas Kumar Bhatt 


The Eyes of Heaven 

O, You…….,
Don’t be silent,
Now tell me fast,
Why Stars love & Planets quarrel,
Why not you love me,
As stars on zenith,
Why’t you hate me,
As planets on depth,
Why I surrendered,
Why you held high,
Why you silent
Why I’m talkative,
Why you dictated cosmos,
Why I follow merely,
Why you universally enormous,
Why I’m your eye’s droplets,
Why you kiss me,
And me stuck,
Why you hug me,
While me to shy,
Why you love me,
When I die,
Why’t I’m valiant,
As sword samurai,
As I was alive,
I die in Her realms
Losted my pride & my swords,
Now nothing have,
Even love light & pity,
Now I surrendered,
In Her majestic realms,
With all monarchical ghost,
In Her majesty,
With my honesty,
In Her pristine beauty,
With all my questions
And endless curiosity,
I knell-down in Your-highness,
As a beggar of humanity,
But no answer at all,
Still She Sitting,
At mid of the crematory,
Surrounded by funeral fire,
Her posture silence,
Sound absent,
With eyes static,
Lotus heart blossom,
Filled nectars in navel,
Forehead sight,
As golden bright,
Alarming attention,
Create universal tension,
Her exquisite beauty,
My passion thirsty,
I lost my breath,
I want Her nigh,
Now wind help Her,
To bath with ashes,
So pure pious,
Ashes of crematory,
Sevan Sage praying,
To get light on cosmos,
Stars praying,
To get ashes for their’s life,
Planets praying,
To get love & anger,
Now she just open her arms,
Calling me to circle in fire,
I hypnotically moved there,
I sit in front of Her,
She open her eyes horrible,
One eyes deserted,
One has wind terrible,
Im seen yes I’m seen,
Deserted eyes flooded with tears,
Wind eyes crowded with Souls,
Third eyes of Heaven,
Filled with fire,
The eyes of Heaven,
Filled with pregnant mother,
Her navel nectar feeding universe,
Her finger pointed me to shut up,
Her right hand moving on my head,
And hold me to her nigh,
Her lips kiss on my forehead,
With smile,
Secrets hold!


The Eyes of Heaven 

On Mountain-high,
She dancing on cloud’s high,
Stars are offering,
Their’s heavenly water,
Oh, heavy rain raining,
Magnifying raining,
As souls signing,
Planets offered it’s colours,
Mild wind flowing with waters,
Create rainbow on foothills,
Oh, I’m seen to myself,
Dancing on the core of rainbow,
Ancestor’s souls gathers,
Now Mountain-high crowded,
Holi spirit and angles,
Lots of semi-Gods & Godess,
Gathers in circles on high,
Flying Deities covered all-over,
As clouds on cosmos,
That’s Divine-confluences,
Talking in voice of,
Humming & “Mudras”,
Tantrik way’s of divine conversations,
Irrespective of gatherings,
She continues dancing with,
Her realms of divinity,
Unknown untold style of her footings,
Magnificent Mesmerising,
As amalgamation of Divine praying,
Steps horrendous,
With mercy and horrific Mudras,
Oh, the dance a collisions of planets,
Now Mountain has many cracks,
All cracks flowing water,
As decided to dip-drown,
The existence of Mother-earth,
Mother-earth open her door,
To absorb & suck-sublime,
Every drops of water,
Sudden a flying duck,
Comes over Her head,
Pair of duck makes union of wings,
Flying in circle around Her head,
Duck weeping tears comes down,
Over Her head and Mountain-high,
Becomes a raining of pearls,
Whole Mountain-high,
Covered with pearls,
Some pearls comes under Her feet,
Suddenly she stopped dancing,
And rain stopped sudden,
Both ducks sit on her shoulder,
Raining water transformed in to milk,
Its heavenly nectar,
She gifted to Mother-earth,
Now everyone returned,
To their’s Kingdome,
Now She slowly comes to my nigh,
Tightly holds my hand,
And moving towards crematory,
To see lovingly on my face,
With smile,
Secrets hold!

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