Poems by Jyotirmaya Thakur

Poems by Jyotirmaya Thakur



I remember warmth of morning sunshine,
As dawn felt it’s presence in our bedroom ,
On our sleeping bodies softly intertwined,
As we entangled and awakened in bloom,
Now left alone in darkness largely doomed.

I remember our long walks together,
Hand in hand every track I gather,
Looking backwards I let all scatter,
Now in isolation steps don’t matter,
All seasons bring damp cold weather .

Evening with you were rippling waves,
All ebbs and flows were absolutely safe,
All desires fulfilled nothing to crave,
Stars sparkled bright in our cute cave,
Now dreary is the dusk in new enclave.

The moon kept moving in smiles with us,
We went uphill or down without a fuss,
Our love was a fantasy without any lust,
Now I keep slipping in abyss without trust,
But life embraces me so I have to live first.

I remember now that you are history,
Now not merely exist but living is a priority,
Lumbering around as a shadow is insanity,
Life is precious of divine soul identity,
Love is not an emotion but immortal entity.

@Jyotirmaya Thakur ©®[ Poem from my book – MELODY OF LOVE]



Learn to see God in every detail of life ,
Let the soft animal of your body surrender,
The world offers itself to be imaginative,
Moments of landscapes in wonder.

You do not have to crawl or walk on knees,
Nor be despondent or despair,
Learn from exciting butterflies and bees
Listen to the harsh calls of wild geese.

A gift resides in every moment of pearl,
Be still like the pebbles clear in water,
Make room for eternal to flourish swirl,
Expand in the garden of hearts further.

Whoever we are however lonely ,
We belong to solidarity in family,
Be not seized or grasped in being,
Receive eternal seed in your valley.

Learn the sound of your heart beat,
Listen to its whispers in solitude silence,
Take each step of journey in retreat,
Choose knowledge over veil of ignorance.

Jyotirmaya Thakur @copyright
From my book-“ROSARY OF RHYMES”.



True love is an existence of mixed colours,
Measured by how deep you you can fall,
It is never prejudiced by the green dollars,
But judged by how much low you can crawl.

Introduction to colours of existence,
A historical path to soulful liberation,
Most of the time colour blind salvation ,
Uninhibited entropy of free celebration.

Hospitable and amazing at all times,
Midnight trust in blindness rhymes,
Rage , passion , engulfed vehemence,
Unavoidable chaos of life in silence.

Casting , glowing in golden infancy,
The aggression of dusky masculinity,
Asserted in form of female fragility,
Bright contrast to ivory-black serenity,

Painted in verdant strokes of buoyancy,
Youth in bright yellow saplings tendency ,
The darkest days of pre-solstice winter ,
Cannot diminish the cinnabar flame sinter.

@Jyotirmaya Thakur, copyright reserved.

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