Poems by Dasharath Naik

Poems by Dasharath Naik



The child in me sings
and sizzles in full swing ;
dances and dazzles in your lap, 
deep and unmatched !

You give me form
and oxygenate my whole being ;
me hypnotized in your beauty,
rich and unparalleled !

*(c) Dasharath Naik



even in utter emptiness /
life seems full /as
a spark of sweet smile /
blooms on your white lips/
amidst intense pain ;

rockets my aspirations
then/ into the blue sky/
gloominess fades/
and hope germinates /
in full glee again.

©® dasharath naik



Big or small ,
War contains
Seeds of wars within ;

The seeds of love be sown ;
It be watered and exposed
To the sun of sympathy daily ;

It will germinate
To take the shape of
A big banyan tree,

Never to be roped out .
Never to be pulled out
Never to be rooted out.

©® Dasharath Naik



It is time
we retrospected
we asked ourselves
if we are what we are
if we do what we preach or say.

It is time
we realized our folly
our limitations and merits
to correct ourselves and improve
our status and personalities divine.

It is time
we changed ourselves
for a better social order
for the smooth governance
of the state and nation we live in.

It is time
we felt we are that change:
nation can’t proceed sans us
the foundation stones we are
we are to stay united and strong. .

*(c) Dasharath Naik

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