Poems by Jean C Bertrand

Poems by Jean C Bertrand


Something about you

Something about you
Amazingly touching hearts
The voice of tenderness
The magnificent wind
Blissful melody, a great pleasure
Under the moonlight
Interminable passion
Something about you
You the only one
One that brings peace
Peace across lustrous blue
Endless love, all about you

Jean C Bertrand


Youthful dance

Youthful dance
The golden hearts rejuvenating
Mirthful precious faces
Cuddling in the rain
A blanket of joy on the mainstreet

Youthful dance
Butterflies in the rain
Lovable wings in the air
Somewhat cheerful rays
Sparkling, a journey of mirth

Youthful dance
A friendly laughter under the umbrella
Warmhearted, so beautiful
Great celebration in the rainy day
Healthy play on the mainstreet

Youthful dance
Light-hearted, amusing rain
Gorgeous smile in the rain
A city of light, breathtaking
Uneasiness to say goodbye

Jean C Bertrand

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