Gem in the Mud / Poem by Fahredin B. SHEHU

Poem by Fahredin B. SHEHU
Gem in the Mud
As here Lotus we lack and the stars are far above
as the heaven looks gorgeous despite the black holes
as the seeds of dandelion flew high high up in the sky
what remains is an ascended Soul of mine
the purity that transcends into sublime particles-waves
floating over floating up floating all around the nimbus
of those yet to be awakened, of those still to be avatars
of new millennia to teach arts instead of science
since the machines shall soon mingle among our extremities
and among our brain tissue that turns aquamarine
children oh children of mine is heard the scream
of Earth the scream that asks: who shall compose
the green of the chloroplasts and the red of the hemoglobin?
…and who shall build something eternal called the book
The one like tower that keeps chambers of all secrets?

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