Bindi Sharma (India)

Bindi Sharma

She is nickname as bindi sharma( v Sharma )on face book . She has done her schooling from Dehradoon , India where she did her graduation in Indian culture and fine arts .she is a national scholarship holder and studied political science for two years in pb university in Chandigarh . After this she joined various various social organisations to do social work ( inspired by her mother ) she worked as state social organiser at Shimla H p . One such Association for social and moral hygiene and Bhartiya grameen Mahila Sangh and red cross society affiliated under international Abolitionist federation of Geneva .During this period organised agricultural camps and seminars at district level involving people at grass root level .
She wrote thesis on ‘the status of women in Himachal Pradesh ‘ and presented it in ‘All India conference at Jaipur . And worked for the upliftment of rural areas .
Later on she joined journalism in Delhi and worked for ‘India calling ‘ ( Toronto paper ) she did freelancing for various Indian papers
In Between she worked in the press institute of India Sapru house New Delhi under nieman fellow late shri Chanchal Sarkar for the publication of its magazine ‘Vidura ‘ .
She loves to write poetry and has published poems
And my book of poetry ‘Eternal memories containing 65 poems was published by Vishwa Bhartiya research centre
and was released in world poetry festival 2017 organised by shri L S R Prasad in Hyderabad Ramoji Rao city .
Later poems were published in many national and international Anthologies


For peace and harmony

A voice from India 

Standing under cool and blue sky
Grief within
I wish to feel positive
With wonderful feelings
And vibes
Never lose hope for humanity
And peace
Because my country of
Ancient flame
Truthfulness , peace and harmony
Some countries are too complex
Change in attitude
Will impact the world
All sorts of ill exist everywhere
Sad ! How human nature works
It’s admitted
Humanity comes before religion
The distance to achieve harmony
In peace and peace in harmony
It’s essential

The distinct thing is
Crave for humanity
Don’t run after ideologies
Think of depressed people
And have nots
Meditation in mind
Mind in meditation
That is me “India”

In loneliness I cry
We r worthy peace loving
Tolerant nation
Centuries proved – we don’t even
Hurt ferocious egoistic attackers
Gave shelters and enriched
Our culture and ideologies
Chiefest wisdom we follow justice
Those who follow injustice
They perish

As shadow does not leave
A man so we don’t leave
The path of peace and harmony
Peace thrives in this land
Where sages are lost in trance
In the hymns of Vedas and scriptures
“mahataam Padam anuvidheyam ”
“Yanyaasmmakam sucharitaani taani twayo
Upasyaani no itarani ”
The great saints advised follow our good deeds not the wrong ones !
When the conscience is so divine
We cherish peace and harmony
To each nation to live in peace
And in harmony and prosper !

Bindi Sharma 29 th April 2016 all rights reserved


” Courage in women is often mistaken for insanity “

Today’s women ! hats off
They play different roles
At different times
She is mother
She is a working woman
From early dawn
Creativity is her
Man’s true companion
In all different roles

In between in cultures
They were dominated by
No rules or religion say so
But most male and his family
Prefers that way
In the present 21st era
Different from past
They have vision and
They stopped serving as equal
To slaves but
Serve themselves
More now
They are brave
More educated now
Than before
And are tagged
” man’s success”
Earlier home maker
are bread earner now
things changed once again
In their favour
Last 300 years
Since they won the
Right to vote
Past and present
Are not too different
Constantly fighting
For better life
Women in past was ruling
The nation
Would be ruling the nation
Instead helping man
Side by side
That is the vision
Of women future
In time to come !!!!


Being optimistic

‘Here am not a poem to your heart and you are not a poet to me
But am beloved to my man by his choice’
At worst, a house unkept cannot be so distressing as a life unlived.
I don’t think people understand how stressful it is to explain what’s going on in your head when you don’t even understand it yourself.
Choose to be optimistic, it feels better.
Be strong and smile at life, even though it hurts sometimes.

Ascension into the Fifth Dimension. The Earth and all beings living on the planet are shifting into a whole new level of reality in which a consciousness of love, joy, peace, freedom, compassion and spiritual wisdom prevails. This has been called the Fifth Dimension.

Since fourth dimension is quite new to our conscious mind and physical body there … thing you may realize is that while your outer reality has not changed much, …
I am unbiased impartial
Non -partisan
Neutral objective
Dispassionate and detached
Open minded
Equitable and fair minded
I wish I could peep into the fifth
Dimensions to see
That you are not you
I am not me
But by an accident
You are a friend to
The poet of concerns
As I call myself
Love to live on a planet
Where it’s a legitimate
Construct of fourth
But prefer fifth
A consciousness and spiritual wisdom
Of pure light
And unconditional love!

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