На крыльях любви (On the wings of Love) – NilavroNill Shoovro / Translated into Rusian by Tatyana Terebinova

Poem by NilavroNill Shoovro     На крыльях любви   когда вижу её глаза что сияют радостно мне и улыбка твоя нежна я сияю словно звезда и я знаю, что я влюблён и свободен я словно река под полуночной яркой … Continue reading

Poezi nga Hajdin Morina

Poezi nga Hajdin Morina   ROMANTIZËM (ose ikje e dëshirueshme nga realiteti tejet shterp) Sot Hasan Prishtina shiti krejt mallin të bëhen mësues djemtë e Kosovës te Luigj Gurakuqi në Normale të Elbasanit. Sot Ernest Koliqi për Kosovë qindra mësues … Continue reading

DAWN / Japans Language poem by Ezhil Vendhan

Japans Language  poem by Ezhil Vendhan   *** 空気が爽快なとき 呼吸は新鮮に感じ、 露にぬれた 穏やかな歩行で 伸ばせば 闇は夜明けです。 香りの精神 夜から夜明けまで においがするとき あなたは地平線に現れます。 夜明けが好き 他のどんな時よりも 黄色と 昼間と日没から。 どんなときも 一瞬でも 私は静かでクールです 私は甘い瞬間を感じます。 あなたは毎日 愛の時間をもたらす 死にかけている床に物を落とす 彼/彼女は人生と希望の日々につながります。   DAWN Ozone moments purifying the breath. Crushing the darkness … Continue reading

DREAMCATCHER – Deepti Gupta / Traduzione italiana a cura di Anna Ferriro 

Poesia di Deepti Gupta



Piume colorate
preannunciano i miei sogni,
l’unione dei miei mondi:
comprensione Divina.
Un “Augh” s’è sprigionato
che ha scosso il grande cuore
nel temuto firmamento
il destino rivelato:
“Nella luce dell’estate
alla fine delle stelle
c’è un vento boreale
oltre il volto del confine
dell’Aquila il richiamo”



Colored feathers
color my dreams
the union of my worlds;
divine understanding.
An “Augh” is released
that shook the big heart
in the great firmament
the revealed fate:
“In the light of summer
at the end of the stars
there is a boreal wind
beyond the face of the border
eagle the call “


Traduzione italiana a cura di Anna Ferriro 

 Lectura poetica del poema ”Ce poate să-nsemne – Que puede significar ” de Elena Liliana Popescu y Alfredo Pérez Alencart / Traducidos del rumano por Dan Munteanu Colán

 Lectura poetica del poema ”Ce poate să-nsemne / Que puede significar ” de Elena Liliana Popescu y Alfredo Pérez Alencart   ¿QUÉ PUEDE SIGNIFICAR? In memoriam San Juan de la Cruz ¿Qué puede significar aquel desierto que riegan incesantemente solo … Continue reading

Hasije Selishta-Kryeziu (Kosova)

Hasije Selishta-Kryeziu (Kosova)
Hasije Selishta-Kryeziu is an Albanian poet. Graduated in the University of Pristina for law, currently she works as a Lawyer at the Property Agency of Kosovo, in Pristina, where she lives as well. She began to write poetry since in school years, but her first book appeared in 2005. She has published so far six collections of poetry books and two others in prose. Her creations are translated and published in English and Italian. She has been active with Pegasi International Albania and Kosovo, Worlds Poets Society and is also a founder and active member of the literary forum “Galaktika Poetike ATUNIS”.
Air Flower
A flower of air
opens the window every night.
From my room to the moon,
I travel with the air breath
in the fusion of scents
getting relieved of fainting.
In all the colours,
is painted the consumed moon
in a cage of universe.
At the flower frame,
a bud is eager to grow
to multiply the air flower.
Another melody
Whole my life I have been praying
to get ruined the high walls,
from the wavering craziness.
I have written a letter
never putting a full point
as a warning
of the killed time.
At the panicked gate,
the air is depleting.
I couldn’t decipher
if the air gets spoiled
or the memory evaporates.
When all the songs
are ready to start,
light-minded people cry
for another melody.
The woman was born
in the Maids’ Day.
The tray in her hands
counterbalances the offences.
The man is having his morning coffee quietly
with a full glass of water.
I don’t know how important is
to demonstrate something.
She still needs a smile
to strike the balance.
Translated into English by Kujtim Morina

Kujtim Morina (Albania)

Kujtim Morina (Albania)   Kujtim Morina is an Albanian diplomat, writer and translator. Morina received Bachelor’s degree in Maths, Law and earned a Master’s degree on European Studies from the University of Graz/Austria. He works currently in the Albanian diplomatic … Continue reading