Hasije Selishta-Kryeziu (Kosova)

Hasije Selishta-Kryeziu (Kosova)
Hasije Selishta-Kryeziu is an Albanian poet. Graduated in the University of Pristina for law, currently she works as a Lawyer at the Property Agency of Kosovo, in Pristina, where she lives as well. She began to write poetry since in school years, but her first book appeared in 2005. She has published so far six collections of poetry books and two others in prose. Her creations are translated and published in English and Italian. She has been active with Pegasi International Albania and Kosovo, Worlds Poets Society and is also a founder and active member of the literary forum “Galaktika Poetike ATUNIS”.
Air Flower
A flower of air
opens the window every night.
From my room to the moon,
I travel with the air breath
in the fusion of scents
getting relieved of fainting.
In all the colours,
is painted the consumed moon
in a cage of universe.
At the flower frame,
a bud is eager to grow
to multiply the air flower.
Another melody
Whole my life I have been praying
to get ruined the high walls,
from the wavering craziness.
I have written a letter
never putting a full point
as a warning
of the killed time.
At the panicked gate,
the air is depleting.
I couldn’t decipher
if the air gets spoiled
or the memory evaporates.
When all the songs
are ready to start,
light-minded people cry
for another melody.
The woman was born
in the Maids’ Day.
The tray in her hands
counterbalances the offences.
The man is having his morning coffee quietly
with a full glass of water.
I don’t know how important is
to demonstrate something.
She still needs a smile
to strike the balance.
Translated into English by Kujtim Morina

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