Kalendari poetik: Viktor Krivulin (Виктор Борисович Кривулин) (8 korrik 1944 – 17 mars 2001) / Përgatiti materialin: Maksim Rakipaj

Viktor KRIVULIN Kalendari poetik: Viktor Krivulin (Виктор Борисович Кривулин) (8 korrik 1944 – 17 mars 2001) Sot do të mbushte 74 vjeç poeti, shkrimtari, gazetari dhe eseisti rus Krivulin, një nga përfaqësuesit më të shquar të asaj që quhej “letërsi … Continue reading

Poems by Tulsi Shrestha 

Poems by Tulsi Shrestha 



I traced my own name
Above the surface
Of musical echoes 
Of your heart beats.

I lighted a candle
Of my sweet love
Inside the temple
Of your heart.

I really intended to kiss
The luminous sun beams
That reflected from
Your glorious and
Elegant beauty.

Your long blonde hair
Cascaded below
Your splendid thigh
Weaved along
With wind
In honour
Of me.

Rhythms of my poem
Spring from
Your beauty.

Rhymes of my voice
Emerge from
Your speech.

Eternal is a word
My heart spells
For your love.

A new language
I need to create
For your clarity.

When you approach me
With a sweet smile
Forest catches fire.

I captivate golden dawn
To present you
As a precious gift.

Contents of my poem is you
Hence your essence is due
As an eternal guest.

Let me wrap your beauty
To enclose inside thirst
Of my eyes.



Oppressed vanity, grows along with achievements you due
The tree of self- respect bears two types of ego – fruits .
One is based on material possession that you claim .
While next is relied on intellectual property you gain.

Will power along with passion for something to do
Is not possible without stream of ego inside you.
Treat it as a reservoir to create electric light hue
Misuse of it ,may sweep away inhabitants as flood do.

I have witnessed, so many among us ,here and there .
Exercising their intellectual creativities for monetary gain .
Their existence relied on possession of property in vain
No one Is free from ego,I think, dares to claim , here

Adopt ego as a horse for race of life ;but have a bridle.
To enforce it to pre-destined route of victory you dream.
Bathe your heart with a spirit of love and compassion and feel
A sense of superiority of those who work for benefit of mankind.

No wrong to aspire for self-respect and recognition you due.
Indeed, these are motivational variables in order of que .
Associate your glory with rainbow of humanitarian hue .
Avoid glory of victory stained with bloody tears of innocents .

Change the criteria for perception of pride and honour
Feel proud to grab opportunity to save someone’s life .
Keep yourself away from invasion and exploitation .
Feel glory to share something that belongs to you.

For a reliable means to transform ego into super ego
Revive moral standards based on welfare of humanity .
Raise above personal identity to restore collective Identities.
Satisfy hunger of recognition from sacrifice and devotion.
Associate “Identity of l”with philanthropic performance.
Never with possession of property and personal gain.

UNË JAM TEATRI  / Poezi nga Kolec P. Traboini

UNË JAM TEATRI  – Poezi nga Kolec P. Traboini

Impresion nga akti vandal i 75 antarëve të parlamentit, një tufe njerëzish të pa përgjegjshëm që nuk kanë idenë e kulturës e vlerave historike kombëtare, ndaj morën një vendim absurd për shkatrrimin e Teatrit Kombëtar në dobi të ngritjes së kullave të larta, beton e hekur në qiellin shqiptar dhe para të pafundme ne xhepat e banditëve që kanë kapur politikën dhe shtetin.