Poems by Ashok Kumar

Poems by Ashok Kumar



Live in present
Don’t waste a single second
Satisfied life is better than successful 
Buried past ,silent for future
Enjoy all moments

Get rid of stress
Always be fresh
Fresh with new ideas
Life is what you make it
Sails in the ocean of yours
Thank Lord for everything

There is no other heaven
It’s inside you
Drink nectar of it
Make you life worth living
Fly with strong feathers
Never forget ground.



Worship to your hate 
Love you Forever
Bear all your debt of love
Never get lover as me
Why I worship to goddess ?
I made you my goddess
It is you soul beauty
Whom I never forget.



I saw her singing through heart
From a crowd of learned 
Soft as flower , sweet as nectar
She had negative thoughts

For that place where she was born
In her youth she failed to get
What others has ,my mystic soul
There we two , satisfied speaking

Altogether on faith and love
She left ego ,dance like a fairy
Drinking nectar of nature
Sing her sweet soft songs with me
Others have jealousy with her glee
We walk and talk hand in hand as friends.


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