PANDORA’S BOX / Poem by Marina Antonia Tsitsi


When the Pandora’s box was opened
Everything gradually became up side down.

The velvet texture of the nature started
To be destroyed in the name of science…

And the humanity’s texture, what a paradox,
By using the word ( PEACE) dies in crimson fields…

And the form of a states became the” bank states”
Irony; as for them there is, of the governments, most concern..

The moment the hole of ozone, the lack of water
Poverty and diseases increase…

Just sad demagogy, when the real motivations
are greed and fundamentalism…

Then Hope, the last that still left of Pandora’s box
appeared in brighten colors…

Colors that lead pure souls, that nothing can
Kill them, because have the fragrance of authenticity.

Representatives of classical values, mentors of mine,
Gentle fighters for humanity…

Politicians, thinkers, poets,novelist, painters, sculptors, musicians, photographers, activists….

All who still believe in humanism for humanity
and nature…

Let’s try to create a new Era, where there can bloom
The most beautiful colors of humanism!


Marina Antonia Tsitsi

The painter is unknown. I have chosen this painting, because the crown of olives-leaves represents the Hope.


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