Way Back When / Poem by Sharon-Elizabeth Walker

Poem by Sharon-Elizabeth Walker


Way Back When

I yearn for when my mother would bounce me on her knee
When popsicles and lollipops were only bought on holidays
By Uncle Tom and Jack.

I yearn to go back to when
When school bells were rung by hand
Or when school dinner ladies hehehe,
gave you extras because they could.

I yearn for all our Saturdays when scrambling we would go –
Hand in hand each other be
With mum awhistling her tunes
And we sang along as well.

We all were taught good principles
About the right and wrong
And up on stage we all went on
Performing all our songs
With acting inbetween.

Way back when we were family,
Way back when we were small.
Way back when teamwork matters then
Way back when, like now
We were are our family.

(c) Sharon-Elizabeth Walker, 2018

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