Unveiled and Liberated / Poem by Vatsala Radhakeesoon

Poem by Vatsala Radhakeesoon
Unveiled and Liberated
Your lame lies
Your egocentric desires
now labyrinth in the
invisible, inaudible
net of void
The dazzling glow
of the truth-tree
now unveils
its permanent rays
Gone is frenetic fear
Gone is palpitating pain
Stillness slides, settles
in the soul safeguarding
my thoughts, my actions
The voices of the sages
that only spoke
after deep meditation
Their pouring wisdom
on the sacred pages
My daily realization
of the Divine’s perfection
– only those means
can wipe away
my karmic tears
Now I know there’s
a simpler yet deeper truth
Your paralyzing, traumatic
hedonistic mundane claws
can no longer grab me
and tarnish my mind
Connected to
the Eternal Creator,
Intuitive forces
on my destiny shine
With both impermanency
and eternity unveiled
I live with
a liberated smile.

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