Moonlight Chaser / Poem by Elizabeth Esguerra Castillo

Poem by Elizabeth Esguerra Castillo
Moonlight Chaser
Immaculate white sphere from above
The Eternal Light illuminating the lonesome night
I pay homage to your Herculean beauty,
This madness for you cannot be equaled
A self-confessed selenophile from the very start,
Your grandeur has caught my delight.
The growling of wolves can be heard from a far
As this haunting night casts a spell,
Bewitching hour dawns at midnight
As the moonlight chaser’s shadow lurks from behind,
You can hear the sound of splashing waves
Reminiscent of the past love that shook your senses.
The moonlight chaser suddenly appeared from out of the blue
As the velvety moon changes its color to a different hue,
He danced with the white shadows enveloping his surroundings
While cherubs and seraphims played an acoustic music in the Heavens,
Waiting for his ladylove to manifest under the moonlit night
Wearing a peaceful countenance, knelt down and sang a soulful serenade.
The tide came rushing to the shoreline keeping his soul at bay
While the night clouds are caressing the Moon, his sultry voice permeates the air,
With the eerie wind chill, harps can be heard humming down the Earth
Time takes to a halt as Angels descend from above,
A blinding Light pierces the Sky with an Eternal Glow
And it came to pass the Ladylove of the Moonlight chaser arrived at the Predestined Time.
Author / Poet Elizabeth Esguerra Castillo Copyright July 15, 2017

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