Poems by Hana Shishiny

Poems by Hana Shishiny


A fragrant flower ..

Within the moment I find you hiding
Filling my days with songs and thoughts
Within the dreams I see you dwelling
Enchanting me with scents and laughs. .

Your voiceless love ,is loudly heard
When such a moment in life extends
A symphony sung by a loving bird
A bliss flooded between my hands..

I became a poem under your stream
Of loving words..filling my dreams
A fragrant flower. .with the rays of moon
When my soul begged …and senses croon…

By Hana Shishiny
July 2017


A night delights

To stargaze is to fly to the moon
To soar with wings of dreams,and swoon
To be following beams of light 
And be yourself a shiny stream light

I became a part of a melody divine
A tune touching soul and mind
A wanderer lover in that world of lights
Pouring tears of celestial stars ‘delights..

Keep the stars with all their lights
Hold the sparks in your loving eyes
Let the drum beats in every heart
And seed your wishes. .for a dawn delights..

By Hana Shishiny
July 2017


Poet ..bird of heaven

My mirror will hold your face
No matter how far you are
I created you..painted your words
In rainbow colors ,in shiny stars
On my lips,your moon beams
Live and die..pouring nectar..

In the jungle of my heart ,
You are the singing hummingbird
The dream of all dreams
The song repeatedly sung
O free bird..I wish you stay
But your songs need to be heard..

Bird of heaven..use your wings
Fly away in your freedom skies
My soul will always be fulfilled
In a universe… You make it paradise..

by Hana Shishiny
July 2016



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