Poems by Opal Ingram

Poems by Opal Ingram


Like A Eye Opener

My Turning Point Came
Like A Eye Opener.

I Had A Toxic Lense.

I’ve Learn To Let Go
And Let God
Have It’s Way!.

I Travel on a Patience Road,
The Ride Was Bumpy With
A lot of Twist And Turn.

I Try To Steer The Wheel
By Myself ,

I Didn’t Get Too Far`

I Stumble Across A Path
Where It Look Dark.

But There Was A Sign
In The Middle.

It Read Fear!

I Felt Worn And Torn
With A lot of Baggage.

Some of It Wasn’t
Mines .

But I Carry It Anyway!

I Felt Worn
My Burden
Felt Heavy,

There Was Nobody
On That Road

I Brush The Dust
Off My Slacks.

And Stood Up
I Look Straight

The Sun
Glare In
My Eye`

My Mind

Like A Eye Opener

The Sun Glare In
My Eye`

I Sat Still
It Started
To Rain,

Like A Eye Opener
Tears Roll Down
My Face`

I Look Straight Ahead
I Could See The Sun`
In it’s Rainbow.

I Knew I’ve Reach`
My Turning Point.

The Sign
Read Faith.

I Stood Still

My Heart Began
To Beat`

I Felt Relieve
In My Soul.

I Had Peace
In My Thought`

I Pray To Get
Through This

Even though
My Journey
Hasn’t been
Easy I Receive
My Break Through

Like A Eye Opener
I Let God Have Its

Like A Eye Opener
My Wheel Turn
Right Into My
Turning Point`

Like A Eye Opener.

Written By Opal Ingram ©


@Opal Expressions
aka Poetress Mystic


Against The Sun 

Things Grow Fair
Against The Sun


Quickly but `
With A Surface

In Between

The Tears
Its Only

Against The Sun


With Fair

A Favor

God Can

Things Grow
Fair Against

The Sun

Where God


Shine Upon Early

Dawn A New


Against The Sun

Copyright By Opal Ingram ©

Pen Name

Poet : Poetress Mystic

@Opal Expressions



Silence Crawls

By its own thoughts
by chance risk is
some what unattractive


It pass
by so silently

Not to question why ?

In a simple memory

It passes by so slowly.

Yet so quickly

Silence crawls

Written by – Opal Ingram (c)
aka-Poetress Mystic.


July 23 2017

Also poem is feature in book
Moonlight Dreamers of Yellow Haze
By Michael Lee Johnson.

Poem is feature on a page in short essays & poem book – Black Stockings A Collection of Essays & Poems @360 
ISBN – 97815375558853
by – Opal Ingram

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