SEA ATEMPORAL / Poem by Laksmisree Banerjee

Poem by Laksmisree Banerjee
Across the hazy wet mindscape
Often swift, often slow
Cotton balls sailing across the ether
Or smokey grey in contrary evasion
Splinters of new life
Or grey annihilation
Sometimes a flash of lightning piercing the soft loam
Or pitter patter of forgotten drizzle across the skies
Dwindling along dusky attenuated shores
Or perhaps slanting showers flooding the soul
Often with thunderous resonance
In a trumpeting mould
Birdy moments frittering
Flapping wings across eons
Ages in wane or articulation
Sculpting bygone histories
Misty denuded civilizations
Or whispering melodies
of extinct love once again renewed
In its tingling aura just the other day
Oftentimes erupting lava
In strife for transcendence
Beady pearls in scatter as
That one white sparkle delves deep
Within the imperishable light
Passages of cinematic vision
Interludes with constant submerged movements in flow
So many years of births, deaths,
Conch- shelled marriages
In caves or wildly lit pavilions
and pacifying motherhood ages ago
or just the other day
Rolling corn fields
of reminiscences
Still in ruddy cherish and blaze while
Time remains busy in its tomfoolery
Myself ever navigating its waves of perjury!
@laksmisree banerjee

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