Born Again Beloved / Poem by Santiago Ali

Poem by Santiago Ali


Born Again Beloved 

You is the One
The only existence beyond the smoke

Inscribed in the Books of Laws
all elemental equations of all the things
set on fire
along with miracle makers
who talked to winds rising above fundamental sense
they alone walked upon water

In the monotheistic monarchy of love
lovers are merely numbers
in their relativity
with the One and the Only
all that exists is the Beloved
others who demonstrated building blocks of existential fallacies
now find themselves in an upside down checkmate

Standing in between all that begins and
all that ends I ask – Who then is I?

A farsighted senator of Rome
or a nearsighted man of the game of hunger
survivor child of the war
or a native exile of the desert bedeviled by the blue
and mocked by the music of celestial orchestras….

Whirl of wind
when arises out of the dance
broken are the mirrors of all the desert
and winnowing is the pain of awakening
in a body
throwing away genitals of a lover….

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