Poems by Dost Muhammad Rajper

Poems by Dost Muhammad Rajper



The joy is not a toy to be broken on the way,
And dumped aside,
But the joy is a ray of light that kills gloom
And makes us happy always,

The joy makes me healthy in life
And freshens my soul,
The joy is the blessing of God
And His endowment in dreariness,

The joy is not a grain of sand to  slip away,
But a rock in human heart
That never breaks, never fades away..
In anyway, at any time,

The joy never makes hustling or haze,
The joy is just craze of loving one,
In millions of men and women,
The heart chooses the joy for good,

The joy swerves on human head,
And makes the mind fertile,
The joy rides on the wings of beauty
And goes beyond the borders,

The joy never puts thorns in life,
But makes the life merry forever,
The joy sweeps the thorny road
And makes it clean for treading boy,

The joy is always high in its highness,
Like the elegant bride on bed,
Whimsical, moody but mesmerizing….
Swirling, moving and clinging to  the soul,

The joy is everything for me,
Within the world of loving souls,
Within the field of working body,
The joy ends the sadness of my day,



The rainbow appears high above the hill,
With hues of light and magic of beams,
With wings of beauty and songs of delight,
The rainbow keeps on smiling always…

The rainbow seems above the rill,
It goes into water on waves of the wind,
Like a baby in cradle of the king,
As the rainbow makes the waters mad,

The rainbow never bows before the rising sun,
It always stands opposite the sun,
It always lingers to love the sky,
The rainbow keeps staying in its own way

The rainbow runs on the waves of wind,
And it links the broken clouds,
As the damp clothes on the rope,
As birds on the branch of tree,,

The rainbow is my love, my dream,
With beauty of light and truth,
With riot of colors and joy,
The rainbow looks brightly bright!



The sun gets up to mitigate the gloom,
And strives to operate the day,…
Llife gets energy and strength
From the warmth of the sun,

As the sun showers the rays of light,
The deserts and the forests feel ecstatic,
The trees and the plants do grow up,
The land, hills and rocks become nude,
The rivers and waters sparkle and glitter,
The snow seems quite right and white,
The stars and the moon hide their face,
And the darkness gets doomed,

The sun makes all things unambiguous,
Everything seems originally good,
Filling its own space in scheme of things,
The sun makes our vision broader,

The sun never makes fun with anyone,
The sun emerges seriously strong,
Never plays a foul game with anything,
And never displays ego at anytime,

The sun is hub of light and love,
The sunny rays welcome the whole world
From pole to pole, heedless of barriers,
And make this earth a brighter place,,,

The sun is one in its own vibes and tides,
The sun never borrows energy at all,
The sun gives much but never gets back,…
The sun has my beloved’s character,

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