The storm / Poem by Hana Shishiny

Poem by Hana Shishiny

The storm

I heard the howling of winds

The storm is getting near

Slapping windows, in a night  so blind

Stumbling moon, hiding part with fear…


I smell the aroma of the dinner

Cooked with love, you always wanted to prepare

For a dear one. That should be your lover..

Filling your lonelyness, as i wished to dare..


I hear trough distance

Your favorit music that plays

And.. Your encercling arms

Holding her. And dance….


The storm is howling in my heart

How many dreams,

i lived

And then threw to the wind..

How many nights i lived

With mute screams…


How many pages we turn

And start again

How many wounds

We dug a knife deep in

We cry.. And we heal..

How many loving moments, we learned to steal….


The storm is all around

The moon stumbled and hides

The night is longer than i expect

Another dawn.. Another season..?

May  be in another  life to abide…


By Hana Shishiny

September 2020

(c) all rights reserved

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