8th of March (Women’s day cemebration) / Poem by Maria Miraglia

Poem by Maria Miraglia
8th of MARCH
(Women’s day celebration)
Tastes of falsehood
the smell of these flowers
offered by the hands
that so many times
left marks on my body
as many as the clouds in the sky
In a winter day
nor do I recognize
this smile of yours
marked by wrinkles
of a man who faces life
dragging with him
heavy the burden of impiety
Printed in my mind
your evil gaze
say when
you blame me for
things never said or
things never done
pouring over me
your failures your defeats
I tell my pain
to the wind
the will to go
stifled is inside me
the cold you brought into my heart
chilly like the wind of Buran
the darkness in my soul
Like the arctic nights
and ripped you have my hope and
all my dreams
Of me
of the woman of once
Just a portrait remains
Hanging on a wall
In this faded-walled house
Where I wander as in a limbo
@ Maria Miraglia

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