AN AUTUMN SYMPHONY / Poem by Joanna Svensson

Poem by Joanna Svensson
I was awakened
Early one morning
By something
that sounded
Almost like an overture
An overture
To an autumn symphony
I’d heard it many times before
I recognized it all too well…
Drowsy windows
rubbed their sleep eyes
Dazed they watched the play
But on our meadow this had never
Ever happened before
And many a’play
They truly had seen
Through the years
But nothing like this
Stormy winds began sweeping
The sunny September morning
Wrapping the sunshine up
In heavy darkening clouds
The wind started to blow
Soon the trumpets clear tones
Scandering took the lead
Flanked by tubas, fagottes
And chello’s melancholic sound
But suddenly it all just stopped
From out of nowhere
The master with his violin
Came playing his “la Campanella”
The stormy winds
All made a halt
They held their breath
The hail and rain was held back
Languishing tones roaring
Pounding all over our field
Its notes were hanging in clusters
In bushes – on flowers
All over our old cherry tree
The winds were twirling around
in frisky playfulness
Accompained by tones
high and mighty
Then the wind calmed itself
Respectfully – worthy
Before the music of the master
It sat down on a big rock
by the brook
And the master kept on playing
He played and played and played
He bent and twisted
and turned his melodies
Arpeggios, legatos and thriving staccatos
His “la Campanella”
– the whole symphony
Played on at our wonderful
September warm meadow!
©® Joanna Svensson

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