Rahman SHAARI (Malaysia) – President of Malaysian Poetry Association (Penyair) 

Rahman SHAARI (Malaysia)
President of Malaysian Poetry Association (Penyair) 
Rahman Shaari was born on 5th Sept 1949, in Perlis. Received primary education in Perlis, then at Alam Shah School, in Cheras, KL. He entered Sultan Idris Teacher Training College in 1970 and continued his education at the National University of Malaysia (UKM) in 1973 and gained his Bachelor’s degree in Literature 1976. After working at the Ministry of Education for 6 years, he continued his stuies at UKM, and obtained his Master’s degree. He was appointed as a lecturer at the Faculty of Education ini 1988. In 1991, he attended a course on international writing at the University of Iowa, USA. In 2003, he was appointed as a Professor at Media Studies Department. Rahman Shaari received the S.E.A Write Award in 2007. He is currently the President of Malaysian Poetry Association (Penyair) .
Warrior Movement
These are their considerations They agree to give their devotion and let their family wait action must be fast to make sure the people are safe
Their steps are brave warriors flaming passion avoiding worry fighting disaster and must win
Finding direction to determine victory For all of us Keep going Don’t give up
They move fast, swiftly They understood The meaning of devotion
They take hold of sacred tasks with warrior passions covid wouldnt come near Pandemic must be stopped
Their devotions are full of wisdom Their actions are like warriors
Rahman Shaari, 21. 6. 2020
Langkahan Wira
Inilah perkiraan, Mereka mengiyakan bakti merelakan keluarga menanti tindakan perlu cepat rakyat terjamin selamat
Langkahan mereka langkahan wira semangat membara ketepikan bimbang melawan bencana mesti menang.
Arah tuju menentukan jaya untuk kita semua terus melangkah tidak mengalah.
Mereka bergerak pantas, cergas mereka mengerti makna bakti.
Mereka menggenggam tugas mulia dengan azam perwira covid jangan mendekat pandemik mesti disekat.
Bakti mereka dalam kesungguhan langkah mereka langkah pahlawan.
Rahman Shaari, 21. 6. 2020


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