Calendars Can Tell lies / Poem by Lily Swarn

Poem by Lily Swarn
Calendars Can Tell lies
March madness must be moronic
For the dusting of powdery snow
On the mossy green of the grass
Belies the spring in the air
The squirrel who lives in the
Tree in the backyard
Busily rushes up and down
The long and thick brown trunk
His bushy tail frisking behind him
The curious eyes dart hither and thither
As he pulls out the last of his winter stash
The nuts he hoarded along with one shiny ball
The geese along the partially frozen lake
Set up a cacophonous medley of sound
At the sudden sight of the missing gander
They waddle off in matronly splendor
giggling in the gaggle
The sun is dilly dallying in his elevated home
Biding his time before painting the world in his hues
The rainbow beams coruscating in benevolence
Lighting up the brave green cedars with a divine halo
As icy drops of water gleam like diamonds on the frozen window panes
It’s not yet spring here I decide finally
Calendars can lie too !
Copyright Lily Swarn
From the book “A Trellis of Ecstasy”

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