If she only knew… / Poem by Ana Toma

Poem by Ana Toma
If she only knew…
If she only knew,
That his luscious lips
Were made of delicious nectar
And his sugar candy kisses
Were extremely juicy,
by releasing countless cocktails of pleasure,
and melting her beautiful heart;
She would have created a new planet,
Full of beaches, white sands
and clear saltwater,
For the Man who made her feel
Like a goddess.
She would have painted a contemporary
blue sky
Where the stars comeback to life,
playing in harmony late at night,
while watching nothing but the couple in love,
practicing the breathless, “Viennese waltz”,
mesmerized by the beauty of the full-moon
every first week of the hot month of July,
where they both could patiently dance
to their own tunes…
(A new planet has already left its reflection
On the ballroom dance floor).
The couple in love were holding their sweaty hands
and exchanging their breaths,
followed by a passionately lovemaking Night…
©️Ana Toma
Feb. 28, 2021

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