Voyages / Poem by Maja Herman Sekulic

Poem by Maja Herman Sekulic
When the greatest traveler of all times
Calls me to the land of snakes and pearls and
Tells about the Indian king
Who died 84 times as if for pure pleasure or
Was it Leisure?
When he teaches me how to dig out diamonds
From caves full of snakes
And shows me other miracles
I follow him without complaints
For when Marco Polo
The very subject of dispute
Between the Korchula isle
And Venetian duke
When this Venetian merchant
In the year of our Lord 1298
From his prison cell
Describes the world he saw
While Rusticello of Pisa scribes it in French
To add to The World Wonders
Marco Polo’s portraiture of Kublai
The great Mongolian Khan
He had served 17 years
To whom he voyaged from Hormuz
Via Kerman
Along the Gobi to the peak of Palmira
This very Marco Polo
The traveler supreme
This Venetian emissary proud
Has just a simple message for me –
“You will travel
And see and hear it all and
Be yourself surprised!”
And indeed I did
Asking myself when did this round world of ours
Become so flat
No true wonders
Only smart phones
Even though my own country disappeared
The one where I was born and
I can travel through it only as if
It were a foreign land
Or even lands and
To be on the safe side
Only if I pay attention to differences between
Local variants of
Or when I am
Like Proust
To understand that
Outside my own four walls
There are no miracles any more
Only troubles and
When with cork
I wish to insulate myself
Because it seems that I can marvel
Only if I travel
In my imagination
To Zagreb or Sarajevo perhaps
Where I heard
Some graduates are
Translating me
In Croatian
Or was it Bosnian?

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